Headshot of a Black person with Bantu knots and a blue top

Credit: Shamica Ruddock

Hidden Oral Histories


Ways of Knowing ~ Alternative Knowledges ~ ”Folkways”

What happens when we look elsewhere,
-Food, cooking, Recipes
-Games: Dominoes, Ludo, Backgammon
-Sound: Folk Songs, hymns
-Language: Creolisation, sentence formations

“Sites of Exchange” ~ Spaces
-Kitchens, dinner tables
-Social Spaces, Leisure

Oral traditions

Considering time, replicating africa centred time cycles?
Is there a way to prioritise a different approach to time as a way of knowing
Past and Future Memories

The Sonic as space of enquiry, what knowledge is present in the rhythms, what remains when we deconstruct rhythm patterns, what secrets do they reveal?

Early African Drumming - ideas around talking drums - call and response

How are we being called to respond?

[Quantum] Mapping ~ Constellations

Invitation, provocation, a prompt, an offering?


A space that is


Music as an agent of time and memory.

Shamica's early notes. Written 30 November 2020, 13:04.

Early notes, Shamica Ruddock

Shamica Ruddock was invited in autumn 2020 a co-curator on a project centred around oral histories and the Scottish African diaspora, at the time nameless and ungrounded, through conversations spanning a year and sharing of notes Library of Frequencies project was curated.

We imagined the project would be research-driven with invited participants to take part in curated activities to generate a new body of research.

The creative sessions were framed around the varied points of departure within this text:

sonic space of enquiry…
and self-determined
held in various sites
kitchens walking back and forth pushed through letterboxes
a library
… alternative knowledges
sites of Exchange…
a space that is
oral traditions
past and future memories
how are we being called to respond?

More info

Shamica Ruddock is a research-based practitioner working often between sound, text and moving image. Their current practice considers the ways in which Black diasporas are engaged and explored through sound. Meditating on Sound culture as semiotics, Shamica is particularly interested in how sound becomes a form of narrativising often with its own unified system of signifiers. Considering ideas around traces, echoes, abstraction and returns; the Hauntological qualities of Jamaican Dub provide for the artist both an underlying methodology shaping processes of making whilst also standing in as apt descriptors of Black being in the wake of slavery.

A 2020 Jerwood Bursary recipient, Shamica has also begun researching Afro-Caribbean puppetry and oral folk storytelling traditions. They are a member of Black Obsidian Sound System, Narration Group and Synaptic Island; and have recently completed residencies with CRATE Margate in collaboration with Durham Gallery Ontario, and Languid Hands in collaboration with the Black Cultural Archives. Shamica is also a New Contemporaries 2020 selected artist.