Portrait of a Black person staring directly at the camera with blurred trees and grass in the background
Credit: Ashley Karrell
Indaba, my children by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

'oral traditions'

'oral traditions' is subversion and retelling of myths and tales from the southern African spiritual beliefs.

mandla rae, offers a voice queering traditions. Storytelling in green spaces.

"Listen to the piece again on a different day and make a list of every question that you think I ask and write me answers to my questions."

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mandla rae is a queer Zimbabwean writer, performer and curator. mandla is agender and has no pronouns. mandla’s work typically explores an intersectional existence enforced on their body as a result of the world around them. mandla has been commissioned by many organisations across the country including the BFI, Journeys Festival International and Hope Mill Theatre to make written works.