Drawing from Learnin’ Broke My 💔 by Jennie Temple.

Update on 25 Arthur Street

After a ten year tenancy on Arthur Street, Leith, it is with heavy hearts that we have left our gallery and studio premises due to the landlords future plans for the site.

While the doors have closed on Arthur Street, we want you all to know that we are not closing down! Rhubaba will continue to support and showcase artists in Edinburgh and across Scotland, through our yearly programme of workshops, residencies, events and exhibitions. Any plans for future in person events can be adapted or will use alternative spaces as venues in Edinburgh. We are also currently in dialogue with our studio holders, partners and other stakeholders about future plans for Rhubaba.

We are immensely grateful to you all for supporting Rhubaba, and hope that we can welcome you all back to a new building soon. If you would like to, you can support Rhubaba at this time by raising awareness of our situation or through donations to help us secure a new building.

Studio Holders


Natalie Doyle

Molly Kent

Stephanie Whitelaw

Emelia Kerr Beale

Khadea Kuchenmeister

Zuzana Ullmannova

Jack Saunders

Camilla Irvine-Fortescue

Megan Hatcher

Connie Hurley

Laura Tully

Wenna Potter

Timothea Armour

Fiona Mathison

Chris Walker

Callen McKeon

Annika Neilson

Crystal Bennes

Alessandro Di Massimo

Joe Etch

Flore Gardner

Neil Scott

Siobhan Scott

Elsbeth King

Alyson Stewart

Rabiya Choudhry

Sarah Bissell

Anna Danielwicz

Stephen Fuller

Amy Boulton

Anneli Holmstrom

Beth Longmore

Mark Haddon

Sarinda Devine

Mica Warren

Hamish Young

Zivile Siutilaite

Solanne Bernard

Charlotte Barker

Emily Fogarty

Francesca Hawker

Hayley Mathers

Neil Nodzak

Oscar Laughbridge

Tim Dodds

Thomas Whittle

Sophie Demery

Astrid Newman

Laura Richmond

Lydia McGinley

Jordan Pilling

Dominic Kesterton

Orlando Lloyd

Workhorse Press

Jenny Salmean

Jess Mezger

Tom Nolan

Catherine Payton

Catherine Street

Claire Davies

Rachel McBrinn

Laura Sutherland

Ian Jackson

Val Mclean

Hannah Imlach

Stuart Fallon

Stuart Barnes

Rebecca Howard

Kirsty Hendry

Martha Haywood

Dinda Fass

Laura Yuile

Shona Macnaughton

Catriona Gallagher

Hazel France

Frances Stacey

Andrew Gannon

Robbie Forrest

Laurence Callaghan

Craig Coulthard

Ash Reid

Arwen Duncan

Tessa Lynch

Rachel Adams

Peter Amoore

Emma Drye

Robyn Benson

James Bell

Siân Robinson Davies

Ben Callaghan

Lara MacLeod

Faith Limbrick