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A music video reading group

7—9pm, Thursday 1 December 2016

Music videos can be a platform for artistic experimentation, self-promotion or political protest. Sometimes they are all these things at once. Sometimes they’re nothing more than an ambient background presence, an MTV fireplace. Music Video Reading Group is intended to be a space for examining both the content of specific music videos and the form itself. Given the myriad of production techniques and artistic intent accommodated by the form, we are interested in adopting diverse and varying approaches to our discussion.

Following this initial session we hope that Music Video Reading Group will meet monthly and that participants will contribute to each session’s ‘reading list’. Sign up via Eventbrite if you’d like to come along to the first session and we’ll send you a small selection of music videos to watch in advance of attending. We plan to start with responses from each member of the group before watching the videos again and then opening out the discussion.

Please drop us an email if you’d like to be involved in future sessions!

Feel free to bring your own beer and snacks.