Tombland Drift

Saturday 27 February 2016

Rhubaba is pleased to host a performance of Glen Jamieson’s Tombland Drift.

The project began online as a photographic archive-in-motion. From this digital setting it has migrated into the form of a book, a performance and an exhibition. In Tombland Drift, across its forms, Jamieson explores whether an ontological representation of the city and its surrounding landscape might be obtained from photographs—if, indeed, such a thing exists.

‘Tombland’—Scandinavian for ‘empty space’—is an Anglo-Saxon site in Norwich, UK where all roads into the city once intersected. Proceeding from this central empty space, Jamieson marks out the city into eight territories for visual inquiry, walking out or in, moving anticlockwise one after another. All photographs were taken as found in daylight hours between Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014.

This project and edition was developed in collaboration with editor and writer Jonathan P. Watts and designers Traven T. Croves. It was launched at OUTPOST gallery, Norwich and Donlon Books, London in Autumn 2014. A series of one-night-only presentations consisting of the live slideshow performance and a new iteration of the book as exhibition will tour the UK throughout 2016. Books will be available to purchase at a special price.

Glen Jamieson is a photographer who lives and works in Norwich, Norfolk. He has had recent exhibitions at The Minories, Colchester (2015), OUTPOST gallery, Norwich (2014), and Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridgeshire (2012).

Jonathan P. Watts is an art critic and editor based between London and Norfolk. He is a regular contributor to frieze magazine, Art Monthly and Artforum. He is a visiting lecturer in Critical and Historical Studies at Nottingham Trent School of Art and Design.

Traven T. Croves is the moniker under which designers Andrew Lister and Matthew Stuart work. They are currently based in London after studying in parallel at Yale School of Art and the Royal College of Art, London.