Robyn Benson, Horizontal line between two points (10), 2015, Plastic and brick. Image courtesy of the artist.
Robyn Benson, There is no equivalent structure, 2018. Photos by Tom Nolan

There is no equivalent structure

Robyn Benson

14—29 April 2018
Fri–Sun, 12—5pm or by appointment

Preview: Friday 13 April 7—9pm

Rhubaba presents There is no equivalent structure, an exhibition of new and existing works by Edinburgh-based artist Robyn Benson. Working symbiotically between drawing and sculpture, Robyn has developed three series of work which come together to form this solo exhibition.

Robyn’s drawings are proposal diagrams in which the drawn curve is a straight line manipulated by load and/or confined by the parameters of space. Through the proposed materiality of the line, the diagrams can be read as axioms; self-evident truths set up in an ideal environment void of disruption. Punctuating the diagrams are unfixed, balanced structures that rely on a series of co-active parts. Each component is integral to a system of forces that result in the structures’ tenuous equilibrium.

With a continuing curiosity in the effective structural function of curves, circles, loops and coils, and in comparison, those of straight edges, angles and polygonal shapes, Robyn’s repetitive approach scrutinises these forms and attempts to delineate their geometrical principles. Using a set of predetermined variables, the work is made successively to exhaust all possibilities of shape and form and to formulate Elucidean-like* definitions concerned with the interaction of the selected components.

There is no equivalent structure establishes a set of comparable structural systems and allows a language based on conjectures to evolve. Challenging our inherent comprehension of the possible and impossible, the diagrams and sculptures are void of illusion and support an underlying vocabulary of principles.

*Elucidean – a mathematical system denoting elemental geometry attributed to the Greek mathematician Euclid.

Further Information

Robyn Benson graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group shows including, Drawing on Drawing, Edinburgh College of Art, 2016, 11/11/15, Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop, Budapest, 2016, Structural Propositions ≥ Sensible Reasoning, Shipping Container Bothy, Whiskey Bond, Glasgow, 2015, Design Assumptions and Actual Outcomes, Glasgow Open House Festival, 2014 and the solo exhibition From a Horizontal Line, St Margarets House, 2015. Robyn also participated in the Graduate Residency Programme at Hospitalfield Arts and an online collaborative project with the Marina Abramovic Institute in 2014.