No School! The Imposter Self and Others: Desperate Measures….

Gesa Helms

Saturday 15 June 2019

Lunch included. Booking required! Book here via eventbrite.

This afternoon presents a research workshop devised by Gesa Helms that is intent, curious and hopeful in trying to trace the lines between our private selves and public expression via one particular concept and proposition: the imposter, the fraud, the confidence trickster. The one who claims to be able but isn’t, claims to know but doesn’t, claims to be there but isn’t. The imposter is generally, in education or coaching, subjected to a series of pep talks, motivational tools to build confidence, resilience and “just do it”-ness. ​It’s easy right? And if you feel it isn’t, well that’s on you.

Using the recent text ​Imposter Syndrome as Public Feeling​ by Maddie Breeze (2018), we will begin with a series of propositions. Through mapping and tracing the concept of the imposter we consider: where do we meet them? in public, in private, alone, with others? What happens if we return the gaze? Seek the imposter in others and in social settings? But more importantly: what if we trace the social within the concept, the institution, as well as the limits of resilience, confidence and gumption? What if hesitation and uncertainty are present?

— a simple proposition of desperate measures. May it perhaps aid us in failing that neoliberal self?

The Imposter Self and Others: Desperate Measures….​ is part of ​No School!​ – a learning programme desiring the political agency of wrongness, badness, inefficiency, laziness and defeat, heartbreak and loneliness. ​No School!​ also wants for contradiction, publics, furniture, hooting joyous clapping shouts of laughter, good food shared and the logical contortions of revolutionary praxis.

Practically, ​No School!​ is a series of workshops and events, whose existence is in debt to histories of radical pedagogy and self-organised education.


This event is open to everyone.

If you have any accessibility requirements please let us know and we can advise if we are able to accommodate. Please note that unfortunately Rhubaba does not have a wheelchair accessible toilet or any baby changing facilities and has one gender neutral bathroom. The gallery space is accessible by wheelchair; please email in advance (or knock!) and staff will assist with the door. Assistance dogs are welcome.