Still life with flying objects

Tim Dodds | Susie Green | Emma Hart | Susan Mowatt

30 July – 28 August 2016
Fri-Sun, 12—5pm or by appointment

Preview – Friday 29 July, 7—9.30pm

Rhubaba presents Still life with flying objects, a group exhibition that brings together new and existing work by artists Tim Dodds, Susie Green, Emma Hart and Susan Mowatt. Thinking about objects and why we are drawn to make them, the show will present work by artists who paint, weave, make films and build.

In Still life with flying objects liquid paint settles, takes form as a twig, shape-shifts into a piece of rope and later slips off as a snake; a tapestry keeps out the cold, hanging as a soft wall and holding collaged lumps in its weave; at home a camera pans scraping along the radiator, coming across an out of reach cobweb which reveals lost treasure. By reaching under the bed, knotting the yarn and looking through the porthole, the artworks in the show consider what the stuff we surround ourselves with is, how it is made and where it ends up.