Soft Space ΚεΔιΜουΡα

Electricity Is!

Saturday 31 March 2018
Presentation, 4.30pm—6pm
Live Performance, 19:30—Late

In the third and final installment of the Soft Space series, ΚεΔιΜουΡα* collective will discuss the development of their on-going project Electricity Is!, an on-line radio station and platform that, using the web-radio as its medium, aims to support distant collaborations, radio-art works, educational and explorative broadcasts. ΚεΔιΜουΡα will be discussing the technical details related to the construction of the platform, the station’s current content, possibilities for distant collaborations, and their future “radiophonic” goals. The presentation will also touch upοn general matters related to radio as a medium, how the concept of broadcasting impacts the form and aesthetics of the sonic material, and how the current intersection between the internet and radio transmutes the medium itself.

KεΔιΜουΡα will also be giving a live performance of their respective current solo projects; they will also play in duet and quartet formations, using a large battery of acoustic, analog and electronic sound sources, including the radio-platform Electrcity Is! itself.

KεΔιΜουΡα is a collective of fifteen musicians founded in Corfu, Greece. The collective was formed in 2013 as an answer to the common need of its members for a flexible group structure where they could explore collaborative and playful ways of musical interaction, performance and composition. Using a varied and constantly evolving array of sound-producing mediums, as well as theatrical and visual elements, the initial focus was placed on the exploration of different systems for structuring music. This research led to a series of performances based on John Zorn’s game piece Cobra. After that ΚεΔιΜουΡα initiated a scheduled series of large-scale events related to improvisation, inviting and collaborating with various musicians, as well as supported various smaller projects run by its members. While many members have been relocated in distant cities, the operation of the collective is currently undertaking new directions.

KεΔιΜουΡα will be represented by:
Giorgos Stenos Frantzios – Amplified objects, electric and electronic devices
Giorgos Mizithras – Cracked microphones and obsolete audio recording formats of field encounters and ripped music
Giorgos Stavridis – Percussion and Electronics
Manthos Karras – Laptop computer

*(pronounced “KheDeeMooRha”, αcronym for Center for Research and Propagation of Musical Turmoil)