Image credit: Charlie Brewer, digital photograph of Fritz Koenig’s The Sphere, Austin J. Tobin Plaza, WTC, New York City, 2006. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License.

Soft Space James Bell

Aye, and Gomorrah

7 — 9pm, Saturday 10 June 2017

In the second instalment of the Soft Space series, James Bell shares an in-process science fiction narrative exploring the charged spaces of discourse and desire as two different modes of understanding the future. In part a dialogue with science fiction writer Samuel R. Delany, this body of research constitutes its own time capsule of remembered experience and constructed identity.

Slipping between manifold real and imagined geographies, the reading centres around a time machine which doubles up as an enigmatic public sculpture called The Sphere. Once located outside the Twin Towers in New York City and conceived as a monument to world peace through neoliberal market economics, The Sphere now resonates as a potent reminder of the macro-narratives that have framed our culture and lived experience.

Recast as a ‘temporal displacement ship’, this bronze monument becomes a liminal space, hollowed out to make room for visions of new and different societies. The structure of the event itself will reflect its function as a time machine, lacking a beginning or an end; always-already existing like a heterotopic counter-site.

Soft Space is an event series offering artists and participants a space to reflect, discuss and experiment, from amongst and within process, rather than about or around it.

This event is free to attend and non-ticketed.