Postcard and envelope with the words 'Slow correspondance' written in yellow

Kati Kärki, Slow Correspondence, 2020.

Slow Correspondence

Kati Kärki

Starting August 2020 (duration approx 6 weeks)

Rhubaba presents Slow Correspondence, an offline writing group with artist Kati Kärki. We are seeking 10 anonymous correspondents to participate in the writing group which will be disseminated over a number of weeks through instructions given via post. Using loose writing prompts over the weeks, participants will consider short form letter writing individually and collaboratively through a fragmented and slow correspondence with others in the group.

Participants will be provided with materials and stamps to post back their work.

Free but booking is essential. Please email with the subject line ‘Slow Correspondence’ by Wednesday 5th August to book.

More information:

Kati Kärki is an artist and grower living in Glasgow. She explores collective means of writing and working to search ways how one can be more porous to others and sense the self as less of a solid individual. She is currently one of four Market Gallery committee members and spends her free time foraging mushrooms.