Image: Slide night 3

Slide Night #4

Siân Robinson Davies | My Pet Lad | Thomas Whittle | Jessica Yu

7:30pm, Thursday 29 September 2016

Rhubaba was proud to host Slide Night #4, a slide projector performance evening.

Slide Night #4 took the formal shape of a traditional slide talk, this one structure acting as a gimcrack portmanteau, within which functioned a series of diverse and disconnected narratives, tangents and dead ends. The participants utilised their own compositions as well as appropriated texts to illustrate projected images, both random and considered.

Slide Night is an ongoing project by Thomas Whittle.

Thomas Whittle is an artist based in Edinburgh, working in painting and photography as well as facilitating ongoing curatorial projects.

Siân Robinson Davies is an artist and comedian whose work encompasses performance, writing and video. She is also a studio holder and ex-committee member at Rhubaba.

Jessica Yu is a ROSL ARTS Visual Art Scholar, working on a long-term project with Rhubaba for 2017. She is currently on residency at Hospitalfield until the end of October.

My Pet Lad is Timothea Armour and Kieran Curran. They are working on a chart-topper.