Credit. Julie Howden

Credit. Julie Howden

Credit. Julie Howden

Setting sail

Pester and Rossi, Sarah Kenchington, Rhubaba Choir

Bridge 8 Hub

1 pm till late afternoon

Rhubaba choir is delighted to be performing on Union Canal Sunday 31 July starting from 1 pm till late afternoon starting at Bridge 8 Hub.

Joining Pester and Rossi and artist Sarah Kenchington for Setting Sail – a free and unticketed launch event. Setting Sail features a special performance on board the canal boat Panacea, devised in response to local people’s ideas and experiences of the Union Canal, and the unveiling of A Float for the Future – a community raft – and a celebration song penned by local people in collaboration with Rhubaba Choir. The collaborative artwork reflects all who have contributed to the project in a joyful celebration of people and place.

No prior booking is required. More information here.