Sample Ale

Hosted by Transmission Gallery

Ale: Dougie G IPA (Hitchcock Pale)

History: Brewed to an ancient recipe (1986) that was created when a Douglas Gordon sock accidentally fell into a boiling saucepan of water and started to ferment.

Drinking Process: To be drunk to the chant ‘HUO GAGO, HUO GAGO, HUO GAGO! He lives in Berlin, he makes films about Sin. Douglas Gordin , Douglas Gordin…’

Taste / Flavour: Salty, Technician’s Vest.

Ale ‘de-rive’: Imagine your mouth is a launderette with several fully functioning washing machines and tumble dryers. Swill the ale 20 – 25 times around one’s mouth, swallow half, spit the remainder towards your neighbour (left hand side, never the right).