Rhubaba Presents: Are you going my way? & Endings and Beginnings Forever: (Rachel McBrinn and Clara Hancock)

Rhubaba is excited to present Are you going my way? (23mins) by Rachel McBrinn and Endings and Beginnings Forever (13mins) by Clara Hancock. The works were commissioned and developed while on a research residency with Rhubaba in 2021. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the two artists hosted by artist, writer and editor Rosie Roberts.

The screening will take place on Monday 17th April at Fruitmarket from 6:30-8:30pm. Refreshments will be provided and the event will be free but ticketed.

Are you going my way?, 23 mins

Are you going my way? is a film rooted in Rachel’s hometown of Livingston, one of Scotland’s five post-war New Towns. With contributions from Dean Swift, former landscape architect for the Livingston Development Corporation, and residents (past and present) of Deans South, one of the first council housing schemes in Livingston which is currently undergoing demolition, the film positions the town as a home for divergent and complex narratives which emerge from cycles of building and demolition, growing and felling, planning and waiting.

Are you going my way? is commissioned by Rhubaba as part of a research-led residency begun in 2021, and is accompanied by a limited edition publication titled Winding Up Body. The film will be available for a limited time online in collaboration with MAP magazine. The accompanying essay by Alison Scott will also be available to read.

Endings and Beginnings Forever, 13 mins

A poetic reckoning with the disorientating temporality of the contemporary urban environment, as it is governed by urban designs elusive mythology of the future. What might resist the strict plans and calculations of the redevelopment timeline? Where might space escape or disrupt time, as a portal for an alternative to the eternally failing futures of late-capitalism?

The film features footage taken at an abandoned public sculpture in Glasgow Green, that approximates a neolithic stone monument to construct a narrative around the city's historical timeline. Here, the abandoned monument symbolises the impossibility of a linear civic history, yet the traces of mythology generate imaginative ruptures, recalling non-linear time. A speculative history traces the stones to the neighbouring waters of the clyde, where the river's erratic movements become a more accurate monument of the future, holding an archive that has no beginning or end, and the illuminating force of ritual to navigate uncertain ground.

Endings and Beginnings Forever was developed during a research-led residency with Rhubaba in 2020-2021.

Rachel McBrinn is an artist and filmmaker based in Edinburgh. Her filmmaking practice is rooted in conversation and relationship building, incorporating elements of observational documentary, experimental image-making, and often builds upon long term site-responsive and archival research. Recent work has formed around the themes of land management, town planning, urban and rural ecologies.


Clara Hancock is a Glasgow-based artist. Working primarily across sound-design, filmmaking and writing, they are interested in the ways that systems of power play out across the built environment, and the role of dreams, imagination and affect as alternative forms of urban knowledge. They are a graduate of National College of Art, Dublin and current student of Urban Strategies and Design at Edinburgh College of Art.


Rosie Roberts is an artist, writer and editor from Glasgow generally working collaboratively through ideas of synchronicity, time, locality and affect. She also works as a tour guide and in a flower shop. Recent works include: Atmospheres of Collaboration a radio show for NoBounds Radio in collaboration with Alison Scott, art classes for HomeStart and Glasgow Sculpture Studios, a poetry pamphlet Dialogues of A published by Death of Workers Press 2022 and A Score for Getting in Synch worked in collaboration with Kirstin Halliday at the Work Room and Take Me Somewhere studios, Tramway.


Tickets for the event and further information can be found here.