Rhubaba ยท Episode #4 Fragments of Knowledge: Archiving as Praxis a conversation with Francis Dosoo

Rhubaba Podcast Episode #4

Fragments of Knowledge: Archiving as Praxis a conversation with Francis Dosoo

Available from Monday 14th September, 2020.

In this episode Francis discusses how archiving as a research methodology is integral to their art practice as seen through their new work in progress, Untitled Psychodrama, which uses archival materials as a form of storytelling by gathering and recontextualising media. We discuss the consumption of archives and how images can be sourced and composed to reclaim Black diasporic experiences that are often told from white colonial narratives that are upheld within academic institutions. We also explore the differences in the kinds of knowledge(s) found in online archives compared to institutional spaces by discussing the issues around deletion, authorship and consumption.

A transcript of the podcast is available here.

Francis is the guest curator this month for our online reading group…from tomorrow’s yesterdays. To join the reading group please email info@rhubaba.org and we will send you the link to join.

More Information:

Francis Dosoo (pronouns they/them) is a Scottish-Ghanaian artist and curator based in Glasgow. As an artist, they primarily work with sound and the moving image; using original and reappropriated media and cyclical, non-linear narrative structures to explore ideas of memory reformation and authorship. As a sound designer, they have been commissioned to create pieces for the work of visual artists such as Alberta Whittle and Camara Taylor, performance artists such as Claricia Parinussa and Aniela Piasecka, and dance theatre producers such as Project X. As a curator, they have programmed and produced contemporary artists for both self-initiated and commissioned projects in galleries, nightclubs and concert halls. At present, Francis is working on soundtracks commissioned for video and performance works, and developing a feature length sound and video performance project.