Rhubaba · Rhubaba Podcast Episode #3 A Knowing That Is Felt, a conversation with Claricia Parinussa

Rhubaba Podcast Episode #3

A Knowing That Is Felt, a conversation with Claricia Parinussa

Available from Friday 7th August, 2020.

I am interested in the ways in which our bodies communicate with us, and the ways in which we communicate with each other through the body.

In beginning with our own bodies in the processes of dismantling and reconfiguring dominant structures.

In collectively re-telling stories, re-presenting images, re-imagining identities and re-centring voices.

Episode 3 features Claricia Parinussa in conversation with committee members Khadea Kuchenmeister, Natasha Ruwona and Laura Tully. The conversation centres around ideas that have developed since Claricia’s previous work with Rhubaba in 2018 for the Such Tender Bodies Cannot Bear So Much Pressure exhibition. Claricia describes how the thoughts and conversations that arise through her research become embedded within her performance works in addition to discussing bodily knowledge(s), how time is constructed as a western object that is rarely contested and working with arts institutions.

A transcript of the podcast is available here.

More Information:

Claricia Parinussa is a Moluccan diaspora movement researcher, artist and producer based in Scotland. She is currently Associate Artist at Dance Base, core team of V/DA collective and currently works with Tramway, //BUZZCUT// and Farah Saleh as producer.

Such Tender Bodies featured a performance by Claricia Parinussa and collaborators:

recall (corpo) I-II, video, 2018, camera: Mark Bleakley
performances untitled (memory) and untitled (material), 2018

live soundtracking by Francis Dosoo
garment by George Hampton Wale
Featured Image from Sendiri, Tramway Supports commission for Take Me Somewhere 2021
with Sequoia Barnes and Alloy Massa
of necessary burningand concrete breathes too
and floating in nothingness and nowhere and not knowing why we’re here
and why those ones didn’t
and i can’t find a place to go back to