Rabiya Choudry, Standard Bearers #1

Standard Bearers #1

Rabiya Choudhry

3pm, Saturday 28 July 2018

Coinciding with the opening of Edinburgh Art Festival, Rhubaba will be launching the first in a series of flag artworks by Rhubaba studio holders, to be flown from a newly installed flagpole. Through commissioning studio holders to produce these flag artworks, a small part of the activity that normally goes on unseen inside the studios is put proudly on display, making Rhubaba more visible and signalling its location like a marker in a map.

The inaugural flag will be designed by visual artist Rabiya Choudhry whose work explores the themes of identity and cultural displacement in contemporary British society with a darkly comedic approach. Her work expresses the complicated coupling of eastern and western cultures in richly vibrant portrayals of the different autobiographical factors present in her own life.