Outpost Open Film 2013

Selected by Jesse Ash and Adam Pugh

Johann Arens | Güler Ates | Anita Delaney | Marisa J Futernick | Patrick Goddard | Ruth Höflich | Flore Nové-Josserand | Gareth Owen Lloyd & Phillip Raiford Johnson | Lucy Parker | Dominic Watson

Tuesday 18 March 2014, 6.30pm
Rhubaba Gallery and Studios,
25 Arthur Street, EH6 5DA

For the third year running OUTPOST tours the Open Film programme, a screening of works selected from the Outpost member’s archive by artist Jesse Ash with curator and writer Adam Pugh. The ten films in this programme explore object, subject and the navigation of the space between, whether by performative strategies or by collapsing and re-animating familiar tropes to new ends. Originally shown in Norwich in the form of an expanded event which included an artist talk, a round-table discussion and a walk between three mini-screenings in different venues, it is re-presented here as a single programme.

The programme is approximately 70 minutes long.