OUTPOST Open: Film

Selected by Stuart Croft

Inez de Coo | Matthew Ferguson | Ian Giles | Georgie Grace | Peter Harris | Paul Harrison |Yuki Kishino | Adam Knight | Anna Lucas | Lucy Pawlak | Vicki Thornton | Rehana Zaman

Thursday 15 November 2012, 6pm

Rhubaba and OUTPOST Gallery are pleased to announce the second year of OUTPOST Open : Film, a touring showreel of films selected from OUTPOST’s artist membership by artist filmmaker Stuart Croft in collaboration with OUTPOST Gallery.

This year’s OUTPOST Open Film features twelve artist members based in the UK and internationally, each of whom submitted one moving image work that would function in an end-to-end screening format. The programme brings together themes that emerged from the submission process: the use of text features prominently, from the hookup web space of Chatroulette to the dismembered voiceover, from lip-syncing the famous to the animated political slogan. The programme is in two parts, both of which are 40 minutes long.