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Open Call for Committee Members (Closed)

Deadline 19th September 2022

Rhubaba Gallery and Studios are looking for a new freelance committee member to join us from October 2022, with training taking place in November 2022.

Rhubaba is an artist-run organisation based in Edinburgh that provides an annual programme of exhibitions and events. Rhubaba was established in 2009 in response to a gap in appropriate studio provision for recent graduates and through the desire to create a space dedicated to both the production and presentation of contemporary art. In August 2020, our gallery and studio premises closed after a ten-year tenancy on Arthur Street, Leith, the gallery is now run remotely to provide its programmed activities and events in Edinburgh.

Rhubaba’s committee works together non-hierarchically to deliver a public programme, developing each aspect through conversation, mutual support and consensus. To date, this programme has involved exhibitions, workshops, symposia, gigs and performances, as well as establishing the Rhubaba choir. Projects have been developed under many varied circumstances, some as one-off experiments, others taking shape over a number of years. Regardless of form, it is central that projects are shaped around the interests of the committee.

Work is shared based on committee members’ skills, available time and a willingness or desire to take something on. We try to share the responsibility of all work areas as much as possible so that everyone learns and everyone can do something if needed in a pinch. Time commitment varies depending on the circumstance but 8-16 hours a week is about average.

This position is currently funded until October 2023 with a monthly fee of £736 (£23 per hour for 8 hours per week). In-kind additional work is required for the planning and delivery of programmed activities.

We believe that being part of the Rhubaba committee is a constant learning experience, however, an interest in or experience of working within programming or producing is desirable. The role is a demanding one, but also a unique opportunity to explore your interests with a supportive group of artists and practitioners.

We’re interested to hear how you imagine using Rhubaba as a platform for ideas and what your motivations are for being part of the committee.

We will also accept applications via video (max 2 mins), or phone call application outlining your interest in the role. To arrange a call please contact us via info@rhubaba.org.

Rhubaba encourages all applications, particularly from those who are currently underrepresented within visual arts organisations in the UK. Rhubaba welcomes all people no matter their age, race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, class, cultural background, disability, marital status, pregnancy or maternity status.