Now we know what we need to do: We need to know what we need to do

A reading group about self-organising

24 September 2015, 6.30pm
8 October 2015, 6.30pm
22 October 2015, 6.30pm

Please note that the reading group is now fully booked.

A guest to Karl Marx’s house described how ‘a spirited conversation makes up for the domestic defects…‘[1], but they didn’t have to work in there. What are the conditions we need in order to make art, whether practical or intangible? And how do these conditions affect the art produced?

Over three fortnightly sessions taking place at Rhubaba, Now we know what we need to do… will provide a (comfortable) space for the discussion of topics that affect artists and their places of work. Each meeting will have a loose focus, offering ways into interrelated ideas such as hospitality, generosity, responsibility, support and institutional structures. Of varying lengths, the text selection intends to offer a broad-based perspective, drawing on fiction, anecdotes and academic writing. In addition to the written texts, the sets of materials will also include images, video and specially commissioned artworks as further reference points.

Inspired by the Open University’s art courses, participants will receive each set of materials by post, allowing the physical matter generated by the reading group to build up over the course of its meetings.

After signing up, we will contact you asking for a postal address, so that we can post out the reading materials. Although it isn’t compulsory to attend all three meetings, we ask that you are committed to attending as many as you can before signing up, and let us know if you wish to cancel your place, as places are limited.

[1] Description of Karl Marx’s home of 1851 -1856 in Soho, London, recorded by a Prussian secret service agent, Joy in People, Jeremy Deller, Hayward Publishing 2012. p.94