No School! Where Do We Go From Here?

6.00pm-8:30pm, Wednesday 19 February 2020

Join us for the first session of a series of workshops designed for those on undergraduate courses (but open to all) who are interested in forms of alternative self-organised education, with a focus on considering radical forms of care. Each session will be facilitated by an artist and will explore themes of mind and body under the weighted conditions of balancing an art practice in an environment where access to art is limited and well-being is compromised.

The first session, Where Do We Go From Here? will explore the political agency of our problems and we will use methods from divination techniques and therapy. By discussing the ways that artists have applied these methods we will consider reading as an active practice, where it can become a tool for envisioning possible futures. During the session we will make our own cards that will be instrumental in finding pathways in, around and out of moments of crisis. No prior knowledge or reading on such matters is required.

Materials and refreshments will be provided.

If you wish to attend the workshop, please book your place by emailing us at by the 11th of February 2020.

Further information:

No School! is a learning programme inspired by the value crisis of desperate measures, desiring the political agency of wrongness, badness, inefficiency, laziness and defeat, heartbreak and loneliness. No School! also wants for contradiction, publics, furniture, hooting joyous clapping shouts of laughter, good food shared and the logical contortions of revolutionary praxis.

Practically, No School! is a series of workshops and events, whose existence is in debt to histories of radical pedagogy and self-organised education.