No School! Introduction-to-Performance Vol.2

Gordon Douglas

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 May

Booking required! Please book here via eventbrite.

Introduction-to-Performance Vol.2 is a discussion oriented, weekend long workshop looking at performance art histories from around the world. It has been devised by performance artist Gordon Douglas as part of No School!, Rhubaba’s learning programme inspired by desperate measures.

Drawing from the successes of the first volume with students of Edinburgh College, Introduction-to-Performance Vol.2 works from an entirely new curriculum– a longlist of 120 performances, actions, and protests that we will rigorously and playfully deconstruct. As well as being an opportunity to get reacquainted with the rich and diverse histories of performance, the weekend will be a platform to practice and gain confidence in speaking critically about performance in a fun environment.

Over the weekend, we’ll adopt a technique inspired by theatre shortlisting methods and popular education exercises, to debate the merits, ethics and values of performance works from the 1950s to present day. Through argument and conversation, we’ll collectively compile a shortlist of ‘good’ performance, showcased at an awards ceremony on the Sunday evening.

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Introduction-to-Performance Vol. 2 is part of No School!, a learning programme inspired by the value crisis of desperate measures, desiring the political agency of wrongness, badness, inefficiency, laziness and defeat, heartbreak and loneliness. No School! also wants for contradiction, publics, furniture, hooting joyous clapping shouts of laughter, good food shared and the logical contortions of revolutionary praxis.

Practically, No School! is a series of workshops and events, whose existence is in debt to histories of radical pedagogy and self-organised education.