No School! Exquisite Crisps

An incidental writing workshop

Timothea Armour

2—5.30pm, Saturday 16 March 2019

Booking required!
Please email to reserve a place

In a workshop drawing on Choose Your Own Adventure books, Mass Observation, the game Consequences and a collaborative writing project that took place in a notebook passed under secondary school desks in 2004, we will take daydreams seriously and place importance on small, ephemeral bits of text and information.

Using Twine, an open-source tool for creating interactive, non-linear stories, participants will work together to create an interactive landscape built up through a series of quick writing exercises, responding to prompts and the links we find between them.

Timothea Armour is an artist, committed slacker, three-sided football enthusiast and current student on the MLitt Art Writing course at Glasgow School of Art. She is also a previous Rhubaba committee member and participated in Collective’s Satellites programme 2017 as an associate producer.

No School! is a learning programme inspired by the value crisis of desperate measures, desiring the political agency of wrongness, badness, inefficiency, laziness and defeat, heartbreak and loneliness. No School! also wants for contradiction, publics, furniture, hooting joyous clapping shouts of laughter, good food shared and the logical contortions of revolutionary praxis.

Practically, No School! is a series of workshops and events, whose existence is in debt to histories of radical pedagogy and self-organised education.


This workshop is open to anyone interested in writing, regardless of previous experience.

If you have any accessibility requirements please let us know via and we can advise if we are able to accommodate. Please note that unfortunately Rhubaba does not have a wheelchair accessible toilet or any baby changing facilities and has one gender neutral cubicle. The gallery space is accessible by wheelchair; please email in advance (or knock!) and staff will assist with the door. Assistance dogs are welcome.