No School! Automatic for the People III

7.00—8.30pm, Tuesday 10 September 2019

Join us for the third session of Automatic for the People, a reading group on the hopes and struggles of technology – you can read more about the reading group here. You do not have to have attended the previous reading session in order to join us for the third one. Pre-reading whilst helpful and encouraged, is not required.

For the third session, we will be reading a chapter extract from psychoanalyst and author Darian Leader’s book Why Can’t We Sleep? (2019) concerning the history of sleep. It begins with an examination of the pre-industrial ‘double sleep’, whereby individuals slept in two separate phases commonly referred to as ‘first’ and ‘second’ sleep. It moves on to examine the industrial implementation of the eight-hour working day and its impact upon sleeping patterns. It continues with an analysis of the so-called post-industrial economies and their specific demands of productivity and performance that have resulted in a 24/7 labouring temporality.

If you wish to attend the reading group, please book your place by emailing us at by the 4th of September 2019.

Further information:

No School! is a learning programme inspired by the value crisis of desperate measures, desiring the political agency of wrongness, badness, inefficiency, laziness and defeat, heartbreak and loneliness. No School! also wants for contradiction, publics, furniture, hooting joyous clapping shouts of laughter, good food shared and the logical contortions of revolutionary praxis.

Practically, No School! is a series of workshops and events, whose existence is in debt to histories of radical pedagogy and self-organised education.


This event is open to everyone. If you have any accessibility requirements please let us know via and we can advise if we are able to accommodate. Please note that unfortunately Rhubaba does not have a wheelchair accessible toilet or any baby changing facilities and has one gender neutral bathroom. The gallery space is accessible by wheelchair; please email in advance (or knock!) and staff will assist with the door. Assistance dogs are welcome.