Nazia Mohammad Standard Bearers #2

+ Turbo Island Tenth Anniversary Tee

+ Studio Christmas Drinks

7—10pm, Sunday 15 December 2019

a call

to unfold


let fly

let fall

let free by Nazia Mohammad is the second in an ongoing series of flag art works, Standard Bearers, by Rhubaba studio holders.

Nazia’s newly commissioned work points to the materiality of the flag itself, as it will be affected by the daily variance in wind levels, flying and falling at different times. Drawing on her exploration of holistic ritual and spiritual practices, this daily cycle of legibility is intended as a periodic and gentle call to awareness and unraveling, to an ongoing personal, political, intellectual and spiritual questioning.

Standard Bearers is an ongoing series of commissions that aims to put a small part of the activity that normally goes on, unseen, inside the studios, proudly on display outside of it.

Please join us to celebrate the close of the year with the launch of a call / to unfold / structures / let fly / let fall as well as our latest shop commission, a new T-Shirt from Turbo Island marking Rhubaba’s 10th anniversary.