Magic Hour #004

Lucy Pawlak

The clouds that race before my your her his our yours their faces. What the hell a workshop with with Luke Williams.

Public space is only as interesting as the characters who populate it. And how public is public space, really? How much of an imprint is left upon it by the people who use it? What do the spaces we move through tell us about the people we pass? These are just some of the questions we might come up with on our collaborative writing workshop.

Stand with us as we look around at this space we’ve created together. A space we’ve imagined and peopled with a mob of characters or Points Of View. It’s not so much ‘public’ as ours.

Luke Williams is a writer based in London and Edinburgh. His first novel, The Echo Chamber, was published in 2011 and won the Saltire First Book Award. Luke’s practice is research-based and seeks, via collaborative practice and the use of formal constraints, to explore the gap between history and story. With his primary collaborator, the writer Natasha Soobramanien, Luke is currently working on a hybrid fiction based on the island of Diego Garcia.

You can download an edited version of some of the writing generated from this workshop here.