Magic Hour #002

Lucy Pawlak

Giving Space to Imagination: play space design and urban planning, a Family Workshop (for children and adults)
Playgrounds could be an artistic medium, but how can we tell what is a play-space and what isn’t?

To address these questions we became urban planners and designed an adventure playground. Participants mapped the plans for a community space onto the walls and floors of Rhubaba using coloured tape, cardboard, post-it-notes and chalk.

An Adventure Playground must relate to the needs of the community around it…They do not have to pay to enter, nor do they join as members – they just come to the playground when they feel like it. Such opportunities are rare in our modern society. Children use an Adventure Playground to explore their own potential and limitations through being allowed to participate in activities of their own choice. In short they use it to express freely their individuality, to asses themselves and other playground users, and subsequently learn more about themselves and the needs of others.

Taken from a National Playing Fields Association leaflet 1977