Magic Hour #001

Lucy Pawlak

This inaugural Magic Hour explored the process of selecting and tailoring certain historical narratives for the production of space.

Historian Dr Mark Jardine presented a portfolio of events occurring in the second half of 17th Century in the region of Edinburgh. This was followed by a brainstorming session focused on extracting elements of these events for deployment in the construction of a multifunctional public meeting place. Graphic Visualiser, Clare Mills opened up discussion around approaches to archiving events through her visual transcription of Mark’s presentation.

Dr Mark Jardine is a Scottish historian, television scriptwriter and prolific blogger. He has worked on the BAFTA award winning ‘A history of Scotland’ with Neil Oliver for BBC Scotland, ‘The Last Explorers’ and ‘Addicted to Pleasure’ with Brian Cox. His blog, Jardine’s Book of Martyrs, explores the world of the Scottish Covenanters. He also quite likes Serge Gainsbourg and French Sixties music.

Twitter: @drmarkjardine