Lovely Sky (Participatory Imagineering)

Lucy Pawlak

CEO in residence (COE-IR)

2 August – 1 September 2013
Thur – Sun, 12—5pm or by appointment

Lovely Sky (participatory imagineering) explores how social space is constructed through collectively mapping an imagined public zone upon the walls and floors of Rhubaba.

As publicly owned and publicly produced public space steadily erodes, Lovely Sky sheds light upon attempts to choreograph our movements and script our experience within the landscape. Lovely Sky acts as a focus group for critical engagement with the privatisation and simulation of social space by corporations (both on- and off-line). The project aims to create space for a practical critique of the potential for improvisation and autonomy within an architectural structure. Technological advances in the programming of immaterial, virtual realms increasingly inform the construction of actual space; using coloured tape, cardboard, chalk, post-it notes, a specially designed interactive table and so much more, we can begin to re-appropriate strategies for augmenting reality.

Miming and co-opting corporate models for producing space were the starting point for exploring processes of historical-geographical transformation that might lead to the design of alternative spatiotemporal dynamics.

Over the course of August a series of Magic and Golden Hours provided an exciting programme of performances, workshops and round table discussions with special invited guests enriching the analysis, deconstruction, and development of the narrative cartography.