Karate Priest + Open Shutter

Mixtape Launch and Window Party

Friday 24 March 2017, 7—9pm
Listening event starts at 7.30pm

Rhubaba is getting some work done.

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of architects Konishi Gaffney, fabricator Johannes Sailer and the dogged persistence and good grace of many committee members, we will soon have an incredible new frontage for our building. Come join us in celebrating our new face as it nears completion.

Also participating in the celebrations are Karate Priest, launching ‘Mixtape 1’ via possessed automobile at the Citroën Garage next door. Listening event starts at 7.30pm.

Karate Priest* is an on-off relationship between four tired art dads. From a damp attic, through free improvisation, using instruments and apps Karate Priest captured audio for ‘Mixtape 1’.

*The moniker Karate Priest came to a band member who was in the throes of a fever.