Jennifer Cuthill Standard Bearers #3

Jennifer Cuthill
Standard Bearers #3
May 2021, on view outside Rhubaba, 25 Arthur Street.

Slow Stretch by @jencuthill_studio is the third in an ongoing series of flag artworks by Rhubaba studio holders.

Reflecting on the commission Jennifer said she wanted to make something light and playful, that would dance in the sky and could distract from the heaviness of the past year. The image depicts bodies stretching into Spring and indulging in the rich colour and slow growth of the natural world.

More Information

Jennifer Cuthill is a recent graduate of Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art. She works between painting, clay and digital animation, fusing the inner worlds of the Earth with the inner worlds of the subconscious (such as dreaming, memory, ecology and geology) to produce surreal visualisations of new “outer worlds''.

Standard Bearers is a series of commissions that aims to put a small part of the activity that normally goes on, unseen, inside the studios, proudly on display outside of it.