It’s a Beautiful World

Rupert Ackroyd | Jiří Kovanda | Oscar Charles Laughridge | Fiona Mathison | John Smith | Emma O’Sullivan | Jennie Temple

18 May – 2 June 2013
Fri – Sun, 12—5pm or by appointment

It’s a Beautiful World brings together artists who strive to discover moments of mystery and wonder found within their immediate surroundings. The artists share an inquisitive and contemplative sensibility exploring the experience of being fascinated by particular objects and situations, both found and created. The artists use various approaches to highlight the kind of quiet and unspectacular moments which hold significance and meaning for individuals.

As part of the exhibition Rhubaba presents a one off film screening of John Smith: Early Shorts at Filmhouse Edinburgh on 27 May. The exhibition, film screening and publication explore the power language has to frame meaning and in turn value, and the ways in which certain objects and images hold sensibility and potency.

To accompany the exhibition Rhubaba has produced a new publication titled, Pictures of car radios taken while good music was playing, based on responses from artists and writers to an artwork by Hans-Peter Feldmann of the same name.