Golden Hour #002

Lucy Pawlak

If you were designing public place to congregate what would you need?

For this workshop young people from Leith Academy worked as a team of architects on designing and constructing a temporary structure / lodge to function as a study/meeting place within the Rhubaba that could potentially be re-constructed in the disused space at the back of the library so as to provide them with a common room. Emma Wood (Collective Architecture, Glasgow) acted as an advisor with Lucy Pawlak and members of the Rhubaba committee assisting.

As part of the session community based projects involving modification, reconstruction and redesign of pre-existing spaces were discussed (incl Hans Rucker Co, Michael Rakowitz, Assemble/ Folly For a Flyover, Recitas Urbanas / Santiago Cirugeda, Krjin De Koning)

See The Heidelberg Project, Detroit, on Google maps here

“If we accept that society is made and imagined then we can also believe that it can be remade and reimagined”
David Harvey, Spaces of Hope.