Ben Callaghan, Semi-functional works, 2015, installation view. Interview with Július Koller, 2007, conducted by Mark Geffriaud and Yoann Gourmel for Kadiview - Kadist Foundation, Paris

Galéria Ganku

Július Koller

Book Launch

An Endless Supply | Elizaveta Butakova | Frances Stacey | George Vasey

Friday 21 November 2014, 6-9pm
Panel discussion from 7.30pm

Join us on Friday 21 November to celebrate the launch of a new publication devoted to reconstructing Július Koller’s seminal project Galéria Ganku. Together with design duo An Endless Supply, art historian and curator Elizaveta Butakova, Rhubaba’s Frances Stacey, and writer and curator George Vasey, we will discuss Galéria Ganku and the work of Július Koller – UFOlogist, sceptic and game-player. There will be food, drinks and of copies of the book, all set within Rhubaba’s current exhibition Semi-functional works by artist Ben Callaghan.

Galéria Ganku, in English ‘Ganek Gallery’, is the name of an inaccessible rock in the High Tatras, a mountain range on the border of Slovakia and Poland. Koller co-opted this as a site for a fictive institution, initially beginning in 1971 by drawing on pages from the natural history magazine Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras). The new publication, written and edited by Daniel Grúň and designed by An Endless Supply, includes magazine papers, photographs, photomontages and textual documents by Koller, an essay on the origins and context of the gallery, and interviews with the key participants: Pavol Breier (photographer and mountaineer), Milan Adamčiak (musicologist and artist), Peter Meluzin (artist and educator), and Květoslava Fulierová (artist).