Artist: Zoë Zo, Zoë Tumika & Zoë Guthrie. Photography: Matthew Arthur Williams.

Visual identity & site design: Des Lloyd Behari


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This summer we launched a website Embodied Knowledge, committed to long-term research and publishing new commissions across multiple formats including writing, workshops, sculpture and sound. The website encourages public study and new forms of collaborating and sharing using the collected podcast transcripts and reading lists from programmes at Rhubaba from 2020 – 2022; Library of Frequencies, …from tomorrow’s yesterdays, podcast series and workshops.

The site presents a commissioned ceramic sculpture by artist Zoë Zo, Zoë Tumika & Zoë Guthrie. A vessel unglazed, with the energy of growing outwardly, using finger pinching as the presence of the past and future and using sgraffito, covering the preliminary surface with another and scratching the superficial layer to reveal and create patterns. On the belly of the sculpture Zo, Tumika & Guthrie uses lettering in a distinctive style to them, writing “AM HELD” becoming an emblem for holding space for the waywardness of the project.

New writing by committee member Khadea Santi considering Rhubaba’s future after the closure of the studios in 2021, through the becoming of the Embodied Knowledge project is available to read to ground the project.