Sophie Mackfall, We eat and drink and sit by fires, 2015, oil on glass
John Robertson, Forked Tongue, 2015, acrylic on paper mounted on aluminium
Alexa Hare, Waiting Paintings, 2014—2015, magazine pages, ink on paper, lighter
Anne-Marie Copestake, Burying Ground for Strangers, What Are We Counting, 2015, paper, printing ink, vinyl, video 10’10” with stereo sound. With special thanks to Gu Yan.

e ​e​ ​e​ ​e​ ​o​ ​ee​ ​e​ ​i​ a​ ​a​ ​e​ ​e​ ​a​

Anne-Marie Copestake | Alexa Hare | Sophie Mackfall | John Robertson

31 July – 30 August 2015
Fri–Sun, 12—5pm or by appointment

Preview: Friday 31 July, 7—9.30pm

Rhubaba presents, e ​e​ ​e​ ​e​ ​o​ ​ee​ ​e​ ​i​ a​ ​a​ ​e​ ​e​ ​a​ , a group exhibition that brings together a range of existing and new work from the artists Anne-Marie Copestake, Alexa Hare, Sophie Mackfall and John Robertson. The show gives space to drawing, collage and other exploratory material based investigations, with works highlighting visual, tactile and sensual experience.

One of the artists is pregnant and while waiting to give birth, makes a series of collages. These artworks combine clippings from magazines with painted marks, shapes and words. Over sized figures lay back in a world of colourful blobs while multiple limbed, unhappy faces float together in a wash of brains, body parts and plants. No longer pregnant or waiting, the artist is often rushing, and continues to make collage and music.

Another artist works both independently and with other artists, musicians, filmmakers, poets and writers. Artworks are made using rhythm, repetition, sound and words. The artist makes drawings of people talking to tables, prints with onomatopoeic words and films featuring elderly women as protagonists and horses walking at steep gradients. The artist also keeps time playing drums in a band.

Artworks are made from sheets of newsprint painted with colour, cut up, reconfigured and collaged into irregular shapes. The thin paper makes the artworks susceptible to the effects of breath. There are holes in these pieces that allow air to move in and out of them. The artist hangs the collages as blips and dots punctuating exhibition spaces.

A fourth artist makes artworks by painting phrases onto canvasses. Large letters are overlaid transforming text into a series of intersecting lines. The letters re-emerge if the lines are followed around the painting. Other artworks cut and paste definitions found in dictionary pages; the entries are updated with new explanations. The definition of ‘City’, is amended to ‘an animal kept for its meat and eggs’.