Dòigh Nàdair: A Journey Back to our Bodies

Pronounced doe na-dare, meaning the way of nature!

Rhubaba is working towards reuniting people categorised by colour with the natural environment to speak to the colonial barriers that keep us trapped inward; indoors, in the limits of our bodies, within borders and in line.

Rhubaba’s ‘Dòigh Nàdair’ programme is an 8-month artistic development residency for emerging artists to explore their relation to the Scottish landscape.

The programme offers the development of any experimental/visual artistic practice for artists categorised by colour.

Between September 2024 and May 2025, Rhubaba will offer 4 nature-based creative workshops to increase confidence in the needs and exploration of the outdoors.

Dòigh Nàdair will connect participants’ art practices with theories of:

The programme offers the opportunity for artists categorised by colour to participate in activities and workshops including:

Rhubaba will support 2 artists to undertake an artistic residency in this programme.

Artists in Residence will

Artists in Residence will receive

Who is this residency for?

Scott(ish) artists - A creative person working and living in/ connected to Scotland. For mentoring sessions and producing the exhibition, you will need to be able to travel to Edinburgh. Rhubaba is an Edinburgh-based charity that prioritises applications from Edinburgh-based artists in the first instance.

Visual Arts - We are developing work that can be seen but does not have to be limited to sight. We encourage applications from artists working on the margins of visual arts, experimenting and stretching what we understand as visual arts and working in the intersections of multiple art forms. Practices can include but are not limited to; painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, filmmaking, comics, design, crafts, architecture, writing, performance, dance, textiles, interior design, graphic design, fashion design and industrial design.

Emerging Artist - An artist practising for less than 10 years or yet to achieve national or international recognition or award. This is a self-identifying term.

PCC (People Categorised By Colour) - **PCC stands for ‘People categorised by Colour’ and is a self-identifying term. While we use the term PCC, we acknowledge the limitations of this terminology. This includes people who identify as Black, brown, people of colour, Global Majority, mixed-race, multiple heritage or are from the Global South or are East and South-East Asian, West Asian, Asian, African, African-Caribbean, Caribbean, Latinx, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, or First Nations, and diasporas. We use this term to address and overcome systemic barriers that people face directly or indirectly based on their ethnic or national identities, race or perceived racial identities, or skin pigment as per the Equality Act of 2010.

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