Augusto Corrieri, Diorama, (still), 2013, Image credit: Lucy Caah
Installation Views

Augusto Corrieri & Vincent Gambini

2—31 August 2014
Fri-Sun 12—5pm or by appointment

Preview: Friday 1 August, 7—9pm

For the Edinburgh Art Festival, Rhubaba presents work by London-based artists Augusto Corrieri and Vincent Gambini. Augusto is exhibiting at Rhubaba while Vincent spends the month developing a performance to be shown at Pilrig Church Hall called This is not a magic show!. During the month the artists will host Enchanting Things, an in conversation exploring ideas within their respective practices.

With a playful rigour, Augusto Corrieri’s video works deconstruct the apparatus of theatre. The Western proscenium arch stage is traditionally a framing device, clearly signalling a point of focus. In Corrieri’s work, the stage is used to frame ordinary activities and movements in an attempt to destabilise the ways we typically separate the significant from the insignificant, or the visible from the invisible.

Alongside Corrieri’s exhibition, Vincent Gambini will undertake a residency at Rhubaba. Gambini trained as a sleight of hand magician and has performed internationally and on Italian television. The residency will culminate on Sat 30 August with This is not a magic show!, a performance that continues his ongoing exploration into magic and misdirection.

To accompany this project there is a publication, A conjuring trick in the form of an interview, which includes writing by Augusto Corrieri and Vincent Gambini.