A singing workshop

with Serena Korda

18 April 2015, 11am-3pm
Rhubaba, 25 Arthur Street,
Edinburgh, EH6 5DA
(Suggested donation £5)

Serena Korda is an artist based in London making film, performance and sculpture. Serena will be working at Rhubaba throughout April on her project, The Hosts This workshop will form part of her project, where Serena will introduce her Witches Bottles; an army of ceramic vessels inspired by 16th Century Bellarmine Jugs used during the Suffolk Witch Hunts to ward off evil.

Using the voice as a percussive tool, we will work together to examine the resonance of the jugs,developing a rousing call to arms for these ceramic warriors.

The Hosts: Ectoplasmic Variations has been made with the support of Camden Arts Centre, Smiths Row and King’s College London.

With special thanks to Kat Buchanan.