A singing workshop with Darla Eno


Sunday 17 November
Mote 102, 102 Ferry Road, EH6 4PG
Suggested donation of £5 on the day

“Our bodies are porous and breathing, like leaves on a tree, like fish in the sea.”

Darla Eno leads the third workshop in a series led by performers and artists with the Rhubaba choir. In this workshop we will explore our natural voice, our ability to receive and give through sound and song and how the more–than–human world might support us in deepening our vocal connection. Darla will lead us in exploring rich textures of sound, through unconventional harmonies and listening to what the turning seasons have to say, as we step outdoors and welcome in our surroundings.

All voices are welcome for this workshop which will start at Mote 102 and lead on to place-based sound exploration before returning to enjoy a celebratory shared lunch. All food and refreshments will be provided but please bring warm layers, waterproofs and shoes suitable for walking as some of the workshop will be held outside.

To take part in this workshop, please email rhubabachoir@gmail.com to book.

Additional Information:

Darla Eno is an Edinburgh-based choral facilitator, cook, community worker and nature-loving forager. She has recently finished a 2 year traineeship with Love Music Community Choir. She sings with a peer-led polyphonic ensemble, Unučad, and has been an active part of the Georgian singing community in Edinburgh.


If you have an access enquiry or need any extra support to attend this workshop please email rhubabachoir@gmail.com so we can know how best to support you.